Invest In Your Memories!

Because in the end we all become stories. I’m here to showcase those stories, weaving them into a canvas to be remembered, cherished and celebrated on the walls you live your life around. 

The once old black and white photo of my husband's Grandpa playing hockey, is now a large oil painting and instead of it being pulled out twice a year, when we dust off the photo albums, it’s hung in our son's room and every single day he points to it and says “Daddy, Gampa, hockey!” And each time he says it I can’t help but feel Grandpa Wylde grinning from ear to ear.

Invest in your memories, invest in your stories. One day that’s all that will be left. 

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A Deeply Meaningful Gift

Whether it's bringing to life a nostalgic memory for that hard-to-buy-for person, a figure or portrait painting to honour the leader of your pack or simply a new painting to restore the soul in your home, that perfect piece is just one message away.

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Let's Create Together!

- Alternative size options may be available upon request.

- Payment plans are available.

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The Commission Process

1- Choose your size.

2- Send some inspo pics.

3- We will discuss the vision you have for the piece and agree on a timeline.

4- a 50% deposit is required to secure your spot and allow for the exciting process to begin.

5- For an additional 50$ I will include a beautifully written piece to accompany the painting. This can be about a specific person, place or memory.

6 - When your painting is finished we will plan for delivery or pick up and upon receiving it you will be invoiced for the remaining 50% (unless an alternative payment plan is in place).

Custom paintings take anywhere from 1-3 months to create, so get your inquiries in sooner than later.

Shipping is not included in the price guides and will vary by location.

Wedding Anniversary Gift

Words carry a lot of weight and Katy certainly has a way with them. If you want a gift that will blow them away you've come to the right place.

Request a piece of writing to accompany your custom painting for only $50 more.

Simply provide Katy with a few bullet points about the special person, place or event and she will spin them into another work of art that stands out on its own.

In Memory / Memorial Gift

Katy has a special place in her heart for memorial commissions. She has written dozens of eulogies and given many people a gift of nostalgia and beauty during difficult times, through the magic of language. At the young age of 27 Katy lost her full term baby boy and turned to writing to navigate her own grief. Her personal experience with loss has given her the ability to help others find the words they need to help them express their love.